Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hopper Burn

We are seeing injury in peanuts caused by potato leaf hoppers

There are no set thresholds but if hopper burn (see above picture) is observed and active infestations are observed treatment should be considered.

We are also experiencing more tomato spotted wilt this year probably due to heavy thrips pressure early this season.

One More Time

I had a request today from a local producer for a newsletter of some sort talking about what is going on in our area so I am going to try this one more time.  I will use this update to let you know what I am seeing in the fields and what our UGA specialists have to say on the topic.  if you find the information useful/helpful please let me know.

The lack of grower response has always been my reason for not updating or continuing with this type of newsletter.

first item of note is that Kudzu bugs are not gone but they have been greatly reduced by a parasitic wasp.  Another positive note is that (probably due to the extremely cold winter) soybean rust has not even made it to the Georgia Florida border.  This means that rust will probably not be an issue for us, but it does not mean that a fungicide will not boost yields.

Southern Rust in Corn is everywhere.  Hopefully you sprayed a  fungicide twice and if not at least once.  Corn needs protection until the late dough stage (which should be early dent).   With aerial applications all we can hope for is protection of the upper 1/3 of the plant.  This should be sufficient to finish off this years corn crop.

Finally, armyworms have just finished their "July Offensive" and most likely will bring another wave of attacks shortly.  The life cycle is simple.  Moths fly in to a green field and lay eggs.  Eggs hatch into 1/8 inch caterpillars that do not eat much.  This time of year after two weeks you have a big and hungry caterpillar.  It destroys forages, corn, soybeans and more then pupates for 7 days and the cycle starts again.  Based on the life cycle we should expect to see the next infestation about the 3rd week of August or just a bit later.